Knee Deep



Hangman’s noose is calling my name.

The other side wants me to play in their game.

Journey into the unknown.

Ive lost the power to understand, what its like to be a alive.

Im leaving this worried wee town.

My mistakes haunt me, lost the power to understand.

Tried my best to be a friend to my heart, so did you.

Knee deep in sinking sand, so I’m leaving.

Understand, understand?

Im sick of fighting, I’ve lost my way, won’t last another day

No grieving love

All is gone and lost.





Standing barefoot in the snow, looking towards the sea

A shadow stands near.

Her memories of him are happy and sad.

Sent to battle and never returned, except his sword and wolf hide.

Carrying grief on her back everyday, she comes to this spot and stands in the snow

Waiting for him to return though he never will, still holds onto the past memories.

Pain rips through her at night, when alone and can’t sleep.

Standing in the snow staring towards the sea, a gust sweeps over her.

Cant take this no more.

Hand on heart, she jumps towards the sea over the cliff.

Not a sound was heard.

On the spot now stands two shadows.

Together at last.

The Power


Feel it pulse through your body.

Rhythm of your heart changes beat.

Powerful emotions surge through your body.

Mind wanders, imagination grows.

Lost in the moment, your are but one.

The power makes your feelings change in a heartbeat.

Fell part of it like this was for you.

Heart thumps, mind races.

Emotions surge through you.

Power of music changes you.

Changes your perspective.

The Lone Wolf

As the wintery fury of the wind and murky rain blows through the trees.

I feel nothing.

For i am the lone wolf, banished from the pack.

Stopping by a crashing burn, i watch the trees swaying.

Alone i wander through the wood of the souls.

Whimpering like a new born wolf cub, I lick my wound.

I lost the fight against the new contender 

I am not my fathers son, he would of won.

Shamed my pack, shamed the souls of the dead.

I am in the land of wisdom, my fathers solid ground our territory.

Yet my soul feels nothing, I am the lone wolf.

My final stand, I will fall with my ancestors.

Howling in pain, laying down where my family souls are around.

This is me the lone wolf..


Don’t Hold Back

I don’t know much and i aint lying.

But i think you just got to keep trying

As thats whats going to save you.

Stop looking at things in black and white.

Get up and see the world as it is.

Take a stroll through the woods

Listen to the songs of the birds, the rustling of leaves upon your feet.

Feel the wind as it blows through the trees.

Awaken your inner self.

Just know that all this has grown with lots of patience

Stop holding back, don’t let the dark wait for you every morning.

Let the storm come and clear the air.

Just got to keep trying.

Awaken your inner self.

Don’t hold back, don’t be frightened.

Howl like the wolf inside of you.

Ill be your pack, you’ll be mine

We arnt asking much from you.

Just howl like wolf,howl with me.